Behind Punk

Behind Punk

Vanya, Moscow, RU. I run record label and make a zines sometimes. More hugs, less shrugs.

 It comes in waves / Sun comes out and burns your fuckin face / It comes in waves / Sun goes down / Come alive like it’s your first day

RVIVR - In Waves

Beach Slang - Punk or Lust

I remember in the morning 
You would wake me up 
I would make you breakfast 
Then we’d go back to bed 

The summer sun 
Coming through your bedroom door 
Time was endless 
Then you left us 

Why can’t I cry 
Why did you die 

I wish I could’ve been there 
Holding you tightly 
With your little body nicely 
Fitting into my arms

Lilac Daze - Kathleen

Cut my teeth as a conjuror. 
Sleight of hand and in total control.
Get me out of this predicament 
before I go unknown. 

Nona More Black - Iron Mouth Act

And I love the way they smile and wave
And I love the way you wait for me

Chris Cresswell - Little Bones


2 o’Clock Punk Rock - August 23, 2014
Bruce Lee Band - Generations

Brand new kick ass Bruce Lee Band song, with guest vocals from Jesse Michaels (Op Ivy/Common Rider).

New album coming soon: 

Almost a full decade since their last release, Mike Park’s BRUCE LEE BAND returns with a brand new album produced by Bomb The Music Industry’s Jeff Rosenstock. 11 tracks of high energy ska-punk, featuring an all-star roster of musicians and guests. Pre-order the LP from

amazing song

And I’m alone, but I know if you were here, you’d be there for me. 
Avoid a life in distance. I will defeat statistics. 
You pulled me close. You told me, ‘there is no life in distance.’
Embrace the ones you hold dear. Hold the ones you love near.

(Source: klaas-jan-tumblaar)

Thank you my friend for taking me back to where I should have been all along
And all those nights I spent alone should’ve been spent with you

Spraynard - ‘84 Sheepdog


Let’s pretend we’re bunny rabbits / Until we pass away

I’m swallowing faith, but choking on lust. I’m chasing your face, but fucking it up. Turn the stereo loud until I steady my guts. You still are, “Oh, wow!” And all of these sounds are really just my heart plugged in and played loud. My knuckles are fake. I kiss when I punch. If everything breaks, what happens to us? You are how The Smiths sound when they’re falling in love. You still are, “Oh, wow!” And all of these growls are really just my heart getting really fuzzed out. Like, oh wow. If there’s heaven, I have found it with you. So is there?

Beach Slang - All Fuzzed Out